Sunday, October 10, 2010

We're having pizza tonight

Homemade, but not from scratch:

Large King of Pita pitas (6 ingredients, no HFCS)
Canned tomato sauce (because my homemade stuff is a bit too chunky for pizza. 7 ingredients, no HFCS)
Fresh mozzarella (5 ingredients, no HFCS)
Wegmans all-natural uncured dry Italian salami (7 ingredients, no HFCS)



kathy a. said...

mmmm, pizza. we're going for pasta with red sauce with sausages -- also no HFCS, and keeping an eye on the sodium. TJ's organic jarred sauce is high on the salt, so we're diluting with some no-salt-added tomato sauce. and adding spices.

liz said...

That sounds delicious.

Verdict on the pizza, the sauce was too runny. Need to either add tomato paste or boil it down a bit.

ms said...

It was pretty good, but the salami wasn't as successful as I'd thought it would be. Too hard and not the right kind of savory. We have some Italian sweet sausage in the freezer. That would be better for the next one, I think. Cheese was primo and, if we split it into separate halves, I think the pita will make a great thin crust.

Not a perfect pizza, but a successful experiment, in that we learned enough to make a better one next time.

Now do I get to pitch my blog? 8-)