Wednesday, May 11, 2011

When gerbils run wild redux

When the gerbils ran wild, it turns out that they REALLY ran wild. We found out tonight that they had a little party among the Wii wires. The wire for the Wii remote sensor was chewed through in several places. And when I say "chewed through", I mean there were several disconnected pieces.

For your future reference, the Wii remotes don't work if the sensor's not connected to the Wii with a continuous wire. Who knew?

The gerbils seemed to find that wire particularly tasty. Other wires were nibbled on, taste tests as it were, but only the Wii remote sensor wire was thoroughly destroyed.

Or it would have been, if Mr. Spock hadn't had the tools and the know-how to patch it back together. It worked for this evening, but we're going to buy a new sensor tomorrow.


jo(e) said...

We had gerbils when I was young, and they were always getting loose, causing everyone to run around and chase them down. As a kid, I always quite enjoyed the chaos.

I imagine that these experiences are less fun for the adult whose got to replace the damaged stuff ....

kathy a. said...

rodents really like chewing wires. [bunnies are notorious.]

Anonymous said...

New "sensor" is up and working, but it's actually not a sensor. The sensor is in the Wiimote, which "sees" (senses) the infra-red light coming from two LEDs in the "sensor."

I'm told a pair of candles works pretty well, too. What's curious about this is that the box containing the replacement even said "sensor" on it, but I really don't think it senses anything.