Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Conversation held after a visit with the Pediatrician

Me: MM? That vaccine I said we were going to wait a few years to get? The one you can get anytime between the ages of 9 and 26?
MM: Yeah?
Me: That vaccine is to prevent a disease that causes cancer. In girls.
MM: So why do I need the vaccine?
Me: Because boys can carry the disease and give it to girls.
MM: How?
Me: By having sex with them. You'll get the vaccine in a few years, but there's no need for you to get it today, because you're not near the time when you'll be having sex with anyone.
MM: That's for sure!
Me: Now, you know that I think you won't be old enough to have sex until you're out of college, but just in case, we're going to get you vaccinated when you're 11 or 12.
MM: High Schoolers are old enough to have sex.
Me: Well...I disagree [thinking, please don't ask me when I started having sex]. Do you think high schoolers are old enough to be parents?
MM: No!
Me: 'Cause you know that a boy and a girl having sex with each other is how babies are made. We've talked about that. And every time a boy and a girl has sex with each other, there's a chance that they could be making a baby. So, if you're not ready to be a daddy, you shouldn't be having sex with a girl.
MM: Can boys make babies together or girls make babies together?
Me: No. They can't. But whether or not you have sex with a girl or a boy, it's best to wait until you are really grown-up and ready for all the grown-up stuff that happens when you have sex no matter who you are having sex with. And I don't mean like, you have a driver's license. I mean that you're ready to be making important decisions and taking care of other people and the stuff really responsible adults do, okay?
MM: Okay.
Me: And what do I always say after conversations about sex?
MM: Don't talk about sex with my friends.
Me: Right. Because their parents will want to talk to them about sex in their own time and in their own way. Okay?
MM: Okay!


Songbird said...

Well done, mama.

Sue said...

Yes, well done!!!

Yankee, Transferred said...

What Songbird and Sue said.

kathy a. said...

good job. and yay for thinking boys should get the vaccine, too.

Mummy/Crit said...

yay for fantastic parenting! I love the last little bit (though D tells me he talks with his friends about sex and puberty - especially one friend) The govt here is talking about putting Gardasil on "the schedule" (meaning that it's free for everyone as long as you get it within a certain timeframe) as they have done with the MMR booster. I hope they do. We (D and I) were talking about it just the other day in fact.