Wednesday, February 01, 2012


Muffin Man is 10 today. TEN.  


Holy guacamole.

He once was this tiny little thing:

And then he was a little boy:

And then he was a bigger boy:

And now he's this Big Kid:

I love this boy sooooo much.

Happy birthday, my Muffin Man.


jo(e) said...

Happy birthday, Muffin Man!

Genevieve said...

Happy birthday to Muffin Many!!

Anonymous said...

Liz, you said it better than either of us knew, over nine years ago, when you told me, "He makes you feel so big, and so small, both at the same time."

Better, because he makes us feel that he is so big, and so small, both at the same time.

Our little boy has grown so tall.

And he's still only ten.


Jody said...

Happy Birthday!

Val said...

Happy birthday to him! :) My best friend's daughter turns ten this year, and we just had this same conversation. It is amazing how time flies.