Tuesday, February 07, 2012

What Muffin Man will be doing for Summer Vacation

  • One week in a music day camp, testing out the drums.
  • Two weeks doing computer graphics and Lego robotics
  • Two more weeks doing Lego Robotics
  • Two weeks doing I don't know what yet. Maybe we'll go away somewhere?
  • Two weeks creating video games, and doing more Lego Robotics.
What? He LIKES Lego Robotics. And they're all very different TYPES of Lego Robotics. They all have very different GOALS.

Yes. I will keep telling myself that.

Plus, he has a Lego Robotics kit and it's good for him to get as much practice programming it as possible.

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Elizabeth said...

We really should get the boys together sometime... (D actually voted for game programming over robotics for his camp session...)