Tuesday, July 31, 2012

On watching the Big Bang Theory with a ten-year-old

Wow, there's a lot more banging on that show than I expected.


Martha Spong said...


Anonymous said...

Yeah, it started out a lot less sex-obsessed than what it evolved into. Seemed to me it was about some funny, decent, nerdy guys, coping with how their unique personalities set them apart from a lot of the rest of the world. One way or another, we can all relate to that (even if we aren't all nerdy, though I wouldn't know what that is like).

But, somewhere in Season 2, the writers must have decided that the ratings would go up every time one particular character said "coitus." It started getting boring at that point.

Now, please insert here whatever disclaimer you most find convincing about being okay with bawdy humor, while still thinking that even funny jokes go stale if you don't stop repeating them. There was lots bawdy humor in "Cheers," and I loved "Cheers." I'm just tired of hearing one particular character say "coitus" over and over, and also tired of the larger part of the show being consumed by increasingly forced situations that the writers think make it reasonable for one particular character to say "coitus." Over and over. And over.