Wednesday, May 15, 2013

New glasses prescription

Whoo! The world looks so wonky! But at least the floor looks level.

Oh, and my new frames are a BIG change.

So big that not one person has noticed that my frames are no longer brownish purple, but are now greyish brown.


Same shape.


But the world! It's fresh! It's new! It's shiny!


Monica said...

I love the new glasses feeling. "Trees have leaves!"

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Anonymous said...

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Val said...

I hope your summer's going well. "Trees have leaves!" (above) made me laugh. :)



Stevens Miller said...

It does rejuvenate a person, doesn't it? Last time I got a new pair of glasses, I remember thinking, "Wow! There's so much to see!"

Anonymous said...

Got my own glasses updated last week (arriving next week).

Eye-doc says I have cataracts forming in both eyes, one more than the other.

First time I left the eye doctor's office feeling a little depressed.