Monday, April 07, 2014


Yesterday was this blog's ninth birthday.

When I started posting here, my son was three. He's twelve now, and enough of a person that he asks me not to blog about his life - or conversely and much more rarely TO BLOG about his life. He emails his grandparents, he has his own phone.

When I started posting here, I was only involved in politics extremely peripherally. Since then I've earned the title of Doorbell Queen, been a candidate's spouse, and a candidate myself. I'm on the board of NARAL Pro-choice Virginia Foundation, and tweet politics daily.

When I first started posting here, I posted nearly every day. Well, that's turned into tweeting daily instead. Which isn't quite so nice for the blog, but it certainly fits into my schedule better.

I've written over 1500 posts, had over 60,000 visitors, talked about everything under the sun.

I don't know what will happen next, but I know that I love this blog even if I haven't maintained it well the last couple of years. I love the friends I've made here, some of whom I've met in real life. I love reading everyone else's blogs, too.

What I'm saying is, thank you for nine years. I hope to still be writing here, even if only on occasion, for the next nine.