Monday, May 23, 2005

Even if today were Tuesday, it'd still be a Monday

Muffin Man was not at his most cooperative this morning. Didn't want to get out of his jammies, didn't want to lie down for the diaper change (I knew there was a poop in there! Needless to say, the changing mat is in the wash.) Didn't want to get dressed. And then, when I was at my last straw, he wanted me to carry him down stairs.

Now, normally I would have. Today, however, he'd drained all my energy just getting him dressed. So I said "No. You tired me out and now you have to walk." And then, during his melt down, he tried to hit me.

So now we have to go into the guest room for some quiet time. "Do you want to tell me the rule?" "NO!" "Okay, then I'll just sit at my computer and not pay attention to you."

Two minutes later, a tug on my sleeve. "Are you ready to tell me the rule?" Nod. "What's the rule?" "No hitting." "That's right. No hitting. Are you ready to go downstairs?" "Will you carry me?"


"No, sweetie, I won't carry you. Do you want to go down first or do you want me to go down first?" "I want you to carry me!" "No. Do you want to be the engine or the caboose?" "The engine! Chuggachuggachuggachugga" Going downstairs happily.

After that everything was okay, but I was late to work and I'm still grumpy.

And to top it all off, it's supposed to rain cats and dogs during the evening rush.

Feh, feh, feh.


SuzanH said...

Deep breaths. Chugga Chugga deep breaths. And beer. Lots of Chugga Chugga beer.

Angry Pregnant Lawyer said...

Beat the rain: leave work early. ;-)

liz said...

That's actually my plan. I'm outta here in 10 minutes.

Thank you both.

Phantom Scribbler said...

Beer? Can I have some, please? LG is asleep on the couch... it's time to PARTY!

purple_kangaroo said...

Trackback ping. :) I linked to you from my own post about unruly kids today.

Scrivener said...

SuzanH: lol!

Liz: I cannot tell you how many battles we have had over the going up and down of the stairs--carry me, hold my hand, I have to be first, you have to be first, we have to go together, I forgot something we both have to go down together hopping on one leg and humming "O Canada" while licking our elbows. Makes me wish we had a ranch house sometimes. Somehow, all that fighting about the stairs just went away one day. I hope never to return.

liz said...

"...we both have to go down together hopping on one leg and humming "O Canada" while licking our elbows..."

I need a dry pair of pants now.