Sunday, May 29, 2005

Explanation of the post below.

I decided to post a letter to Muffin Man that I found last month. This one's pretty typical, not quite as much just drooling over him as some, quite a bit more detail than others.

I was thinking about how he's really not that little baby anymore and yet...there's so much about him that is like that baby. His intense concentration when he wants to perfect a skill. His happy babbling. His imagination. His ticklish little belly.

Today we went for our usual brunch at That's Amore. We do this most Sunday mornings, and the Sunday Brunch Buffet at our local TA is great. Pretty good food, which we can serve to a hungry toddler quickly and teach him restaurant manners when other patrons won't be disturbed too much. So far, our evil plan is working pretty well.

Normally, we get there, get seated and I go and get MM's food, bring it back and then get food for myself. Today, we all went and got our food together, MM picking his own and even serving himself from the fruit plates and bagel basket (using tongs!), I mean he's gone to get dessert for himself before, but this is a whole new level!

Last week at home, he didn't like what we were offering him for dinner, so he went to the 'fridge, opened it, broke a Yo Baby yogurt off of the rest of the pack, closed the 'fridge, went to the silverware drawer, got a spoon, brought the spoon and the yogurt to the table, opened the yogurt, stirred it and ate it. With no help from anyone.

Where has my little baby gone?


Angry Pregnant Lawyer said...

Wow, that is so awesome! Don't you just marvel every day at all the things he can do for himself?

(By the way, if you were at my site around 9:30 tonight, you were my 5,000th visitor. Which is funny, 'cause I think you were also my 3,000th.)

liz said...

I was there! When we see each other next week, can you tell me how to do all that sitemeter coolness?

Angie said...

They do grow up fast.

Suzanne said...

Yay for Muffin Man! Moments like this split me in two -- I feel thrill and relief over the new-found autonomy, and a little grief over the fact that yet another step toward my obsolescence has been taken.

Julie said...

It's been a couple years now that I've been able to tell my son to go take a shower, and he does it and even (usually) hangs up the towel when he's done. It knocks me out every time.