Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Hey! Hey! Top Headline on Washington Post!

Didja see this?

Holy Guacamole Batman! I guess Newsweek didn't get it wrong, after all.


SuzanH said...

I knew it. I didn't want to click on the link because I knew it.

This is just sad.

anbruch said...

But of course. And you know, despite what everyone said about Newsweek retracting the story, they never really did. They only retracted the bit about their source confirming the allegation, not the allegation itself. Such subtlties seem to get lost a lot these days because too many reporters are simply recycling each other's words and stories instead of doing actual reporting.


purple_kangaroo said...

Um, I'm confused. What information does that article give that we didn't already have? We still have nothing but unverified accusations from prisoners that the Koran was desecrated, but no proof about whether it really happened or if so who did it, don't we?