Wednesday, May 18, 2005

History of the Gilligan/Dr. Smith Award

So I was talking with SuzanH over at her site about last night's episode of Gilmore Girls and one thing led to another and suddenly I was talking about our family's tradition of awarding the Gilligan/Dr. Smith Award to one character from every show we watch.

The recipient of the award is the person whom, if the cast of the show were stranded on a desert island or Lost In Space, would be the first to be killed and eaten. The award is named after the classic examples of awardees. Honestly, I can't get through an episode of Lost in Space without shouting, "Kill him and eat him! Kill him and eat him!"

Anyhoo, on Gilmore Girls the awardee is Kirk. On Smallville, it's Lana. On Joan of Arcadia, it's Joan's boyfriend who can't seem to remember that her name is JOAN, NOT JANE! and always wears either a hoodie or a stupid knit cap.

We haven't been able to award one on Good Eats, but Alton cooks and eats something every episode so that's close enough.

Any of you have nominations?

UPDATED: Agh! Agh! They almost killed her, they could have gotten rid of her, but noooooo Lana has to live. Agh! Agh! Agh!


Angry Pregnant Lawyer said...

Give me a little more on the criteria. Would they be killed and eaten because we HATE them? Or because they're utterly useless as human beings? Or some other reason?

This is a good game!

liz said...

Either reason is good. Preferably they should be useless AND annoying, so generally the wacky neighbor fits the bill.

On Happy Days it would be a toss up between Potsie & Ralph, on the Love Boat it would be the Captain's Daughter. You get the idea.

SuzanH said...

Oooh, awesomely good fun.

Let's see:
Poochie on the Simpsons (hahaha)

Andrea on 90210--o.k., the whole cast except Luke Perry and Shannen Doherty

Caillou on Caillou

Danny on the Partridge Family

More as they come to mind.

Andrea said...

Ray on Everybody Loves Raymond. I spend every episode saying "Everybody does not love Raymond! I hate him! Gah! Why is he on television?"

Angry Pregnant Lawyer said...

Potsie should live, Ralph should die.

On "Welcome Back, Kotter," Arnold Horshack should die.

On "Desperate Housewives," Lynette must die!!!!

Oh, and on any show he's ever been on: Ted McGinley's character.

Jenn said...

Janice on America's Next Top Model.


SuzanH said...

Andrea, that is the funniest thing ever. Were you invited to speak for the final episode?

Also, the FBI guy that Scully and Mulder reported to. I hated that guy.

Angry Pregnant Lawyer said...

Skinner?! No, no. MUCH love for Skinner. Don't kill him off--send him to me so that I may do with him as I please.

Betsy said...

Oh, how very funny. I always hated Dr. Smith as well.

Here's my quick & dirty list (I don't watch much tv any more, so it might be dated):

* Squiggy on Laverne & Shirley (Lenny was barely tolerable)
* Any of the assistants to Jack McCoy on Law & Order, save for Jill Kincaid (was that her name...?)
* Charlotte on Sex & the City
* Ed Helms on The Daily Show

elswhere said...

Oh, I liked Charlotte! Well, after a while. But Aidan, he could go, no problem. (And he did! But it took much too long.)