Sunday, May 15, 2005


Walked outside this morning and the scent brought me right back to summer camp. You know that scent, the one of warm air right after the rain with just a touch of freshly mown grass and a dash of honeysuckle? It gets me every time.

Why will Muffin Man fight tooth and nail to avoid taking a bath, and then fight tooth and nail to avoid getting out of the bath once he's in it? Does anyone else's child behave this way?

I made Osso Bucco tonight. First time ever. I served it over Mr. Spock's low-fat mushroom risotto. Delish. But why is it that the most scrumptious meals are the ones that are least likely to be on one's diet?

Osso Bucco & Risotto = 15 points on Weight Watchers. I'm only allowed 20 a day. Thank Goodness for swapping in exercise or I'd be in serious trouble.

Does anyone know how many calories are burned by giving piggy-back rides (including galloping and jumping) to a 30-lb 3-year-old for about a half-hour? If you do, please let me know.


Yankee T said...

Transition, transition, transition! They hate to stop doing anything, especially for something that sounds boring, or bed-readying like the bath. Then, once they're in, they recognize the soothing, therapeutic qualities. Give him plenty of notice before the bath (maybe you already do this?) and it seems to help. Younger Daughter was the same way.
And yes, millions and millions of children have this EXACT deal.

liz said...

Whew, then it's not just us. What a relief!

I can't wait for the local pools to open, then we can have the same battle on a larger scale.

Genevieve said...

Can you share the recipe for the low-fat mushroom risotto? Sounds delicious!