Tuesday, September 06, 2005

And speaking of Katrina...

Please check out OTBKB today and yesterday for some addresses to send physical supplies to (not just money). UPS will deliver to these places, so if you want to send tangibles and not fungibles, you can send 'em to these places.

The lists of what they need are valid as of today.

As soon as I can, I'm heading over to Costco to get stuff to send and over to Inova to donate blood. And, of course, donating money.

Down in Tampa, this was all very much local news as many Katrina victims were shipped to Tampa Bay Area hospitals.


ccw said...

Thanks for the link. I mailed dolls to Houston yesterday. I, too, need to get to Costco and buy some stuff to send.

There is a family near me that currently has 30 family members from NO staying with them in their 3 bedroom house. It is nice to hear some good stories about this mess.

liz said...

CCW, do they need stuff at their house? Let us know!

halloweenlover said...

Thanks for these links. I have been itching to do some actual shopping and see concrete goods going out there. I am checking these out now.

ccw said...

Liz, yes they need stuff, but the media has done a wonderful job getting their story (and simliar local ones) out to people. The outpouring of supplies, food, etc has been phenomenal and brings a smile to my face during these difficult days.

I am sure they can always use more because it is doubtful that these people will be leaving the area anytime soon, so they will need supplies for many months. I will get the info for you. Thanks!