Thursday, September 15, 2005

My Fair Baby (With lyrics writing help from Genevieve)

My son was dry all night
Yes, he was dry all night
Although he woke at four

We went to pee
And then he asked me
To sleep upon his floor

I told him, "No."
And as I rose to go
He kissed me and hugged me tight.

I only know, when he,
said "OK, good night, mommy",
I got to sleep sleep sleeeep

* Thanks Genevieve!! I was stuck for this last verse and you wrote it for me.

And I still owe you a prize from before. Two prizes now. Thanks again!!!

And then he slept through until 7:30. That's my boy.


Genevieve said...

WOO HOO for Muffin Man and you!!

"I only know, when he,
said OK, good night, mommy,
I got to sleep sleep sleeeep

liz said...

Oh Genevieve! Thank you! That was the verse I was looking for!!!!!

Phantom Scribbler said...

Laughing! The two of you need to start writing musical comedy. And then J. and LG (and Muffin Man?) can perform in it.

liz said...

Muffin Man would love to perform it. As long as there was no audience.

Fuzzball said...


Congrats, mommy!

KLee said...

Yay for MM! And a great big honking woo-hoo for Mommy getting to sleep!

May all your nights be restful and all your mattresses eternally dry! :)

Running2Ks said...

WOW Woopie and Yay! Is the CD for sale?

Songbird said...

Congratulations! (And great song!)

SuzanH said...

Great! What a huge step for MM!

moxiemomma said...

woo hoooooooo!

ccw said...


Genevieve said...

You're welcome, Liz, it was fun! You provided most of the lyrics - finishing someone else's is easier. I laughed when I realized what you had written and how funny it was when sung.
I'd love to write musical comedy with you and have all the little guys perform it (oh Phantom, J. did indeed perform "I Got Rhythm" at the talent show. Using my cane.)

Pink Cupcake said...

HOORAY!!! :)

Suburban Turmoil said...

I'm crying with relief.

Not really, but you know how people always say they're crying in the comments?

I'm actually dry right now. And I'm glad Muffin Man was, too.... ;)

Regina said...


susan said...

Yay! Another song from My Fair Lady has popped into my head

Your boy is really getting bi-ig
His progress really is sublime
I hope he stays in bed
So you can rest your head
Your boy is really getting big at this time!

Not the greatest scansion, but heartfelt congratulations from someone else who likes to change the words to Broadway shows and serenade her kid! You and Genevieve make a great team.

elswhere said...

Yeehah! Let's hear it for dryness! And sleep!

halloweenlover said...

Wooohoo for Muffin Man! What a cutie!