Thursday, December 22, 2005

...and shorter

*Buy a few more presents - Just one left!
*Wrap about 20 packages - Still only five wrapped.
*Ship one or two things - Whew. Hopefully my present for the Winter Holiday of Your Choice Gifty Extravaganza will show up where it's supposed to be on time.
*Change the sheets in the guest roomMake sure I have clean sheets for the more-comfortable fold-out couch downstairs and clean towels in the guest bath (Hi Mom!)
*Clean house
*Decorate. Seriously. The tree isn't up yet. Good: my parents want to do this with us. Can wait for Saturday.
*Shop for food for the weekend - Aside from the Roast Beast we're having potato latkes and braised brussells sprouts. Now I need to figure out what we're going to eat the rest of the weekend and go shopping. Also we need vodka and lime. Tonic we've got, as well as the other beverages our guests like best. Oh! Can't forget bagels! Though TellsDonaldDuckStories often likes to take the trip to go out and get them so that he can also get a copy of the NYT and an espresso.


Genevieve said...

And where do you get your bagels?
(We love the Brooklyn Bagel Bakery in Arlington, but there must be some place closer to you.)

Mmmmm, latkes . . . must get out my latke recipe to take on the trip, must email MIL the ingredient list . . . must consider whether to get gelt for all of the cousins and bring it with . . .

Enjoy your holidays greatly!

liz said...

We go to a place next door to our dentist at Farmwell Hunt Plaza in Ashburn. I believe their real store name is Ashburn Bagels but every one calls them: KARATE BAGELS

I'm using Cooking Light's recipe for Latkes (olive oil instead of chicken fat)

Running2Ks said...

You are just cranking through that list. Good job!

Jenn said...

Mmmmm, booze. I will buy booze tomorrow. Thanks for the reminder!

And Christmas hugs to you all from me!


Genevieve said...

Do people make latkes with chicken fat? That does not appeal to me . . .

We make them with canola or peanut oil (cause you can heat it hotter than olive). Not as heart-healthy as olive, though.

My recipe is from the Washington Post a few years ago - it involves parboiling the potatoes first, and then the latkes cook faster (and aren't raw inside, a sometimes problem). I like Cooking Light - I bet their recipe is good!

halloweenlover said...

Look at that list! Wow!

Have a wonderful holiday! Hugs to the whole family!