Wednesday, December 28, 2005

How nice is PNP?

PNP is beyond anything I've ever seen.

* It has 4 full-time directors (as opposed to last daycare which went through 7 directors in less than 4 years)
* Included in the price are daily half-hour sessions in music, computers, art, library-time, and movement with their own dedicated rooms and teachers.
* There's an indoor gym for inclement weather.
* There's an outdoor water-play area with sprinkler installations for summertime play.
* Not one of the toys was broken.
* The front desk is always staffed.
* You can't get into the place without being buzzed in or getting your fingerprint scanned (no more codes that don't change often enough/are changed without letting parents know what the damned code is).
* You can't get OUT of the place without pushing a button that's out of most kids' reach (no more kids escaping and running loose in the parking lot - and yes, that really happened at the old place).
* All of the kids looked happy.
* The director who showed us around knew the name of EVERY kid she saw (as opposed to the newest director at the old place who consistently mis-said Muffin Man's name - if his name were Larry, she'd have called him Barry or Jerry).

And did I mention that all the kids looked happy?


Running2Ks said...

That sounds like the ideal place. I never heard of one so well-organized. And if all of the kids are happy, that is fantastic!

Genevieve said...

Hooray!!! That is beyond wonderful.

halloweenlover said...

That sounds AMAZING. Do you think they have one in Boston?

liz said...

It's currently the only one.

purple_kangaroo said...

It sounds fantastic.