Monday, March 06, 2006

A quick post after homework

Tonight I came home to a wonderful aroma. Mr. Spock was baking potatoes for our dinner. We had chicken, baked potatoes and spinach and I was happy.

Muffin Man asked for, received, and ate a whopping pile o' spinach. He ate his potato too. The chicken, not so much. And then, my friends, then he ate not one but TWO bananas. I sense a growth spurt.

I spent most of the weekend working on an lit review for my adv. comp. class. It didn't turn out too badly. Saturday afternoon I went to a test prep class for my Psych midterm on Thursday. I'm prepared. Didn't really need the review, but I figured my professor's giving up his weekend...and I'm always sitting in the front row, and he might notice if I weren't there. Don't want to piss him off. It would undo the good sitting up front and center does me.

Tonight I got some stuff ready for my communications class - I'm meeting with a group of my fellow students tomorrow. We have to teach the class for 20 minutes together on Friday. And I looked over my notes for my Women & Work midterm (also Thursday).

So, if you folks don't hear from me until Friday, don't be alarmed, okay?


Yankee T said...

Won't be alarmed, just missin' ya'.
Muffin Man's legs look so LOOONG in that last post. Don't they grow too fast?

SuzanH said...

It would undo the good sitting up front and center does me.

Heehee. Brownnoser.

Good luck with all your work.

liz said...

He is definitely growing waaaay too fast and yeah, I'm a big brownnoser.

But that's okay, 'cause I'm getting good grades!

halloweenlover said...

Good grades are the BEST! Good luck on all your assignments and exams. I know you'll be fabulous!