Thursday, March 02, 2006


Muffin Man woke me 4 times last night.

1. "I need to go pee." Well, couldn't he have done that without waking me up?
2. "I'm pooping. I need a diaper." Okay, I wish he'd just poop in the toilet already, but that's just me.
3. "I need you to change my diaper." Fine. I saw that one coming. I really need to teach him how to change his own diaper and wipe his own butt.
4. "There are monsters in my room." No. No there aren't.
"Spray my room." Awwww....I really don't want to.
"Pleeeeeeeease?" Oh alright, alright. But if you wake me one more time there will be no tv tomorrow.

I'm beat.


Phantom Scribbler said...

Oh, we're still living #2 and #3 in our house, too. Except that I won't change his diaper for him. So he elected to just play in the bathroom for 25 minutes while waiting for his father to come home. Sigh.

ccw said...

Sorry, what a rough night. I have been putting off potty training for this exact reason. I am not ready to deal with these situations again.

Marc said...

Must be something in the water in this area. Little Miss was up twice last night, once around midnight just as we were heading to bed, and again around 4:30am. In her case it's either teething or lingering symptoms from rotovirus.

At least it's Friday and I can catch up on my sleep over the weekend. Oh, wait, that was only true B.C. (before child)!