Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Every letter makes a sound...

ABC meme

Most recently seen at Jo(e)'s, I've also caught sight of it at Phantom's and Raising WEG.

Accent: My linguistics professor at First College couldn't place my accent closer than "somewhere in the Mid-Atlantic States." He got everybody else within about 10 miles.
Booze: Allergic. Sigh....
Chore I Hate: Cleaning the bathroom. I hate scrubbing and I never get it as clean as I want it to be.
Dog or Cat: Both.
Essential Electronics: Hmmmm....probably this laptop. Otherwise how would I catch up with you all?
Favorite Cologne: None. Ugh.
Gold or Silver: Gold jewelry, silver hair.
Hometown: BROOKLYN!
Insomnia: Rarely. Unless I've got some big deadline the next day.
Job Title: Mommy. And Full-time Student.
Kids: One.
Living arrangements: Single family house 10 miles west of Dulles airport, with Mr. Spock and Muffin Man.
Most admirable traits: Smart-alecky, Good Hugs.
Number of sexual partners: My parents read this, so I will just say "More than Mother Theresa, Fewer than Messalina."
Overnight hospital stays: One. Muffin Man's birth.
Phobias: Small high spaces.
Quote: "Help! Help! I'm being repressed!" Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
Religion: I put the "ish" in Jewish.
Siblings: One sister.
Time I wake up: Generally whenever my alarm clock awakens me.
Unusual talent or skill: I can read while walking.
Vegetable I love: Artichokes served with breadcrumbs sauted with garlic.
Worst habit: Chewing on or picking at my cuticles.
X-rays: Teeth, chest (whooping cough), nose (broken at camp), foot (broke small bone walking dog while wearing high heels), neck (car accident), wrist (stupid mistake).
Yummy foods I make: Osso Bucco, Ham, Prime Rib.
Zodiac sign: Pisces.


DaniGirl said...

Haha, I just did this meme today, and am stealing your "am I spoiled" one, too!

I loved your answer for religion, and your quote!

Catizhere said...

AAACK!!! It's the Leapfrog song!!!! We have that damn refrigerator phonics thing and I get that song stuck in my head all the time! Thanks Liz.

halloweenlover said...

I love all your answers! I didn't think you had an accent at all, I have to admit.

SuzanH said...

I"m very impressed you can read while walking. Quite a talent.

BTW, did you watch GG last night? What the hell? I'm so disappointed in Rory. And what the hell is up with Luke? Can Lorelai just dump him and get it over with? And I'm so sad Amy Sherman Palladino isn't going to be back next year, but this year's been kind of lame, like she's not that into it, so maybe it'll be o.k., but if this starts to suck, then what? Huh?

Wow. Sorry about that.

liz said...

It is quite the little talent.

And Suzan, I agree with your assessment of GG.

Although, I was happy that Rory chewed Logan's father a new one.

Right before Luke called Lorelei, my husband said, "If he calls Lorelei for help, I'm gonna puke."
I said, "I'll go get a barf bag, 'cause that's where this is going."

He's done watching. I'm still hooked, but somewhat abashedly.

Angry Pregnant Lawyer said...

Is reading while walking unusual? I can do that, too! I do it in the halls at work all the time (always reading, always billing). Angry Boy likes to do that, too. (Although I guess he's not technically "reading.")

And, no, you don't have the typical accent of someone from your neighborhood.

liz said...

I love that we share that talent!

We must do zoo. Soon!

Yankee T said...

excellent meme.