Friday, July 14, 2006

Good Housekeeping can kiss my...

The blurb on the current issue says Rachel Ray talks about her weight. Her weight? She has FOUR popular shows on the food network and they're asking her about her weight?

I don't particularly like watching her shows (except for $40/day, that's pretty cool), mostly because I get a little nauseated by her cutesiness, but I seriously hope she doesn't have any problems with her body image because she looks really healthy and happy.

I shall now commence banging my head on my desk.


Anonymous said...

I am sorry-but her wedding-which was televised---was as tacky as humanly possible.

Barf. So loud. So TACKY. If she has anything to offer, I will never know about it, because I saw her horrendous wedding video and can't stand her now-not even for 1 minute.

Never again. What must her in-laws think???! UGH!!!!

Mrs. Coulter said...

I hate hate hate HATE hearing her talk about EVOO. What is wrong with calling it olive oil?

liz said...

Oh, I can NOT watch her cook. She really gets on my nerves. Truly. Feh.

But, honestly, her weight is what they choose to blurb about on the cover?