Friday, July 14, 2006

How to make a Frankenfurter outfit

For the Googler who found me while looking for one:

1 pr. VERY high-heeled shoes. Platforms are best, chunky heels are preferred, but stillettos are acceptable (and affordable, they sell them at Pay-less)

1 pr. Fish net stockings. NOT panty hose.

1 black garter belt with red trim

1 black leather/pleather vest that laces up the front. If you can't find one that laces, buy one without and add the laces yourself

1 black corset. You will have to sew on your own sequins and stuff to make it match.

1 operating gown, green.

1 pr. pink rubber gloves.


2 black eye pencils (one for your face, one for the tattoo). Let's not infect our eyes, m'kay?
2 red lip pencils (ditto)
Blue eyeshadow
White grease paint (just a touch!)
Red lipstick

And don't forget the attitude.

1 comment:

Marla said...

You are sure the Googler didn't mean a hot dog? Or a (titter) wienter?