Wednesday, July 05, 2006

If it's Wednesday it must be raining

Because Wednesday is swimming lessons and there hasn't been a single lesson day where it hasn't rained. Thank goodness for indoor pools, eh?

Muffin Man did great at his lesson during the parts where he was an active participant, the waiting parts? Not so much...we need to work with him a bit on listening and waiting patiently. Yeah, I know...he's four. And he wasn't the worst offender in his class, but he certainly was in the top three.

But he's blowing bubbles and putting his whole face in the water and dunking his whole head under water and leaning back in the water and floating and kicking with the help of a bright yellow noodle. I'm really very proud!

In other news, today was the first day of my new classes. Lots of reading to do. Three short stories and a textbook chapter due by tomorrow. Night all.


Jenn said...

I so loved swimming lessons. Yay!

Moi said...

My older daughter (4) is taking swim lessons right now as well. She just loves it. But my younger daughter (2) is having a helluva time accepting the fact that she can't go swimming with her big sister:(

(Thanks for popping in at my blog:))