Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Seriously, I should get a commission.

SoccerPlayingBabysitter LOVED Nearby U.

She wasn't planning to. She was looking forward to being in real college classes and getting a college professor's perspective on the book she's reading for AP English which we covered today. But Nearby U is...well it's nearby. Lots of kids from her school end up going there and she thought that she really didn't want to hang with them anymore.

But that was before she saw how big parking lot K is. And then the 5 minute walk through the lovely, tree-covered outer campus, past the Cultural Center and the Performing Arts Center and up the hill to the Large Building with the food court and gourmet coffee shop inside.

"I had no idea Nearby U. was so BIG." she gasped.
"30,000 students." I replied.

After coffee and an eclair for me and a hot chocolate and a croissant for her, we went to class.

"He'll spend about an hour talking about the author and the context of the Vietnam War," I had told her in the car on the way over, "and then he'll have one of us read a paragraph or two and discuss it. We'll get through maybe two stories today." She was so impressed when he came through as expected.

My professor was really kind to SPB, and made sure she had a chance to join in on the discussion and even had her read a paragraph.

Then we went to our second class. In the car I told her about what this professor would do. "He'll talk about [his google-able hobby] and he will emphasize at least once the definition of the concept we're talking about today [I quoted him to her], and he'll talk about the Yankees." Again, right on every point.

This professor is really great, his class is always fun and he explains concepts clearly. He did a great job of including SPB and spent 10 minutes talking to her after class. Come to think, he should get a commission too.

After class we went to meet Mr. Spock for lunch in the Large Building and then I gave a tour of the campus. I showed her the student union buildings and the libraries and the computer labs and the exteriors of the dorms (I've never been inside the dorms myself). There are MANY dorm buildings and we looked at the construction sites for 3 more that will be adding 1000 beds.

"It looks like I'll have lots of opportunities to make new friends here, huh?" She said.

We ended the tour at the bookstore, where Mr. Spock bought her a Nearby U shirt she was about to buy for herself.

"Wear it in good health." He said.
"I will."

I think we may have made the sale.


KLee said...

Sounds great! I remember the lure of the college campus! I wish I'd had someone so cool show ME the ropes! :)

mommy d said...

That was so nice of you. Especially having her sit in on your classes. I bet that gave her a true taste of the college life.

ccw said...

So nice of you!

liberalbanana said...

Hi Liz! Thanks for your kind comment on my site the other day. I'm sorry it has taken me several days to get back to you but I just wanted to let you know that it was appreciated. That mean anonymous comment left before yours really got to me for about 24 hours and then I let it go. *sigh* And about the Mysteriously Disappearing Friend thing, I did contact her maid of honor and that gal never returned my email either. I figure it's a lost cause and I'm not too sad about losing her as a friend - just confused as to why she felt the need to "break up" with me.

Have a great day!

Yankee T said...

You are a good friend.

Angry Pregnant Lawyer said...

Nearby U has a really great student gym, too. Another selling point...