Saturday, July 01, 2006

Words he read today


There are others he read with help, but these he read on his own.

I invented a game! I made little strips of paper with one word printed on each and then put them in a hat and asked him to pick them out one-by-one. As he picked out each one, I asked him to read the word and go find something in the house that matched it. His best one was definitely book.

"Buh...uh...uh...kuh. Buhk. Buhk? Book!! It says BOOK!" He taped that one to the largest book we own: The Oxford American Dictionary. Quite the book indeed.


Scrivener said...

Holy cow! From "red" to "cantaloupe" in 24 hours? The boy's a genius! Hooray for reading children.

Phantom Scribbler said...

No, seriously? He read "cantelope"??? Damn, he really is a genius. Hooray for Muffin Man!

KLee said...

Way to go! He really is burning it up, isn't he! Hooray for genius Muffin Man!

Piece of Work said...

My sister said it happens just like this: they don't read, and they all of a sudden they read. Kind of the way they only have a few words and then suddenly their vocabulary is enormous.
Congratulations Muffin Man!

liz said...

Scrivener and Phantom, it helped that the word canteloupe was right above a pile of them. But he sounded it out!

I'm getting really excited about it!

suzanh said...

How amazing! He's learning so quickly. What a brilliant guy.

I love the OED - that's priceless.

Enjoy your words!

Jellyfish said...

That's terrific! How old is he, again?

I totally geek out over this kind of thing, as it's what I learn about every day at uni... and I love to hear examples of how it all comes together for kids like this.

Your encouragement of him would win full marks from my lecturer - it's that stuff that really makes a difference for kids :D

Mummy/Crit said...

Wow, that is wild. I've been helping out at school with reading, and it is fascinating watching and hearing the kids _learn_ to read. Some of them 'got it' all of a sudden a few weeks ago. It's jsut great to see how excited they get when they read something on their own.

Beanie Baby said...

Congrats to Muffin Man! There's a whole new world just opening up for him now. That's so exciting.

Genevieve said...

So so fabulous!!