Monday, August 14, 2006

123! 5! 4!

Profgrrrrl brought this Meme out of mothballs. Y'all remember the rules. Nearest book. 123rd page. 5th sentence. Post 4 sentences. No cheating.

To the left of me: Blindfold Game by Dana Stabenow.

"Very big boom." Kyle relaxed a little. "Is that realistic?" "You tell me, Kyle," Hugh said, his voice hard."

To the right of me: Alan Mendelsohn, the Boy From Mars by Daniel M. Pinkwater.

"Absolutely, yes sir, this very day sir," Samual Klugarsh said. "Can I run out and get you som more hot chocolate? A cheeseburger? The contents of my savings account?"

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paul battaglia said...

In front of me: The Greatest Networker In The World by John Milton Fogg:

"Do you know what I mean when I say 'take a stand' for someone or something?" she asked.
"I think so," I told her. "Taking a stand is like...well, 'Stand By Your Man.' How's that for someone who doesn't know anything about country music?"