Thursday, August 24, 2006

Home again, home again.

We spent the morning at the pool. MM demonstrated to us that, yes he could too dunk his head underwater without shrieking so he could so ride the water slide into the pool. "Well," we thought. "He did LOOOOOOVE Splash Mountain." So we let him slide (wearing a life vest and with MS waiting at the bottom to scoop him out of the vortex of swirling water).



Repeat 8x. (MS and I switching off who got to slide and who stayed to catch). Turns out that we never actually need to catch, he did great.

Back to the room to finish packing. Took the shuttle to the airport. Flew home. MM slept for the last hour of the flight (murmuring "Do it again! Do it again!")

At the home airport we did something clever. We split up. MM and I went to get the car while MS got the luggage. We swung by to pick him up and ZOOM! we were outta there.

Dropped MS off at the library for a meeting and MM picked out some books and a movie and got his very own library card (I'm so proud).

Home, ate dinner, and read two of his library books (Mermaids, and The Magic School Bus Gets Cold Feet). Tomorrow he'll get chapter one of Mary Poppins.

He's back at school tomorrow and I'm back to school on Monday (Research Methods, Religion, and Children's Lit.)

Oh, and I really loved both The Golden Compass and Despereaux. I can't believe there are so many good children's books I never heard of before! Now I'm starting on The Story of the Amulet which I also never read. Inexcusable, since I loved 5 Children and It, and The Phoenix and the Carpet.


Mummy/Crit said...

I like your 'splitting up at the airport' tip. I'll have to employ it some time. Sounds like you folks had a great time away. I also liked all the WDW tips.

Phantom Scribbler said...

I think I got more pleasure from reading your account of your trip than I would have gotten from actually going to WDW on my own.

ccw said...

Welcome home!

Angry Pregnant said...

Sounds like you all had a great time--so glad to have read all about it.

Anonymous said...

When we go to WDW in a few years, will you draw up our itinerary for us? Sounds like you had a magical time.

halloweenlover said...

What a great great great kid you have there. He sounds just fabulous.

So glad you're home!

Heather said...

Welcome home. Sounds like it was a great trip....can't wait to go again myself!

Jenn said...

Hee! Do it again!!

I just read the Golden Compass and quite enjoyed it.