Monday, August 14, 2006

My tv habit

Dr. Who is coming back on SciFi in September!!!!

Currently hooked on:

Life on Mars (BBC America). If you're not watching this, you are truly missing out. It's like Reginald Hill made a tv show.

Hell's Kitchen (Fox). It ended tonight and Heather won. YAY!!! (select that blank spot. It's white text.) I love watching Chef Ramsey yelling at the staff. All the cussing of the Brit Wit show Chef! and all the pathos of Project Runway. Who could resist?

Who Wants to Be a Superhero (SciFi). Silly and campy, but good fun.

Lost (DVD). First season. We're on disc 5. Wow that's a good show. How'd I miss it the first time around?

Mystery! (PBS). Depending on which ones they're airing. Foyle's War is our favorite.

We just caught an episode of another Chef Ramsey show on BBC America. He tries to save failing restaurants from bankruptcy by working with their chefs for a week. If that's a regular show, I'll watch it.

If Gilmore Girls returns this Fall, I'll give it one last shot. But boy howdy, they were really annoying me last season.

Muffin Man's still watching Lazy Town, but he's starting to let go of Higglytown Heroes and Little Einsteins. Oobi's already out. I miss him (especially Grampoo and Inka's romance). Unfortunately, he's been asking to watch The Cartoon Network. I'm not sure how I feel about that.

What are you watching?


Miche said...

Ooohhhhh a kindred spirit! We're getting Season Two of Doctor Who in October, with another Christmas special this year. Can't wait!

Really enjoyed Hell's Kitchen and really, really enjoyed the finale show last night. (I'm normally disappointed by Reality TV finales too.) I'm satisified with the results.

We'll be wrapping up So You Think You Can Dance (our 2 year old LOVES that show) and America's Got Talent (gah!).

Looking forward to the next season of Criminal Minds and the first season of 60 Seconds.

We watch too much TV here. *sigh*

ccw said...

We are currently addicted to "Deadwood" on HBO. Love that show! Only 2 episodes left.

Marni said...

I am so addicted to Hell's Kitchen and so happy with who won! Yay! Chef Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares is a regular show and I watch it A LOT. I just love that guy...

I'm a Lost-aholic - BAD. The next time you visit Pug's Life, go do The Tailsection link. It will get you all caught up - and probably hooked like me.

And have recently started watching Superhero. That show is so cheesy, but - you are so right - it is fun!

We seem to have some of the same taste in TV shows. I LOVE reality shows and am hooked on Amazing Race and Survivor, too. :)

Enough about me, though!

3carnations said...

I have never seen a single one of those shows! I like King of Queens, Family Guy, Cold Case and am somewhat hooked on Soapnet. I watched CSI for the first time in a long time last week.

Mrs. Coulter said...

Did you catch the "Inspector Lewis" movie? I really hope they make more. I miss Morse.

liberalbanana said...

I'm watching So You Think You Can Dance! The finale is tonight! I can't wait. TWO HOURS!!!

Yankee, Transferred said...

We do not watch any TV at all, but we have an enormous and ever-expanding video/dvd library, and spend a ridiculous amount on rentals.

SuzanH said...

GG is on this fall. Like you, I'm giving it a shot. But they'd better step up, because if it is anything like last season, I'm just going to rail and rage and . . . well, I'll be mad.

Heather said...

I watched Hell's Kitchen too, and I watch Big Brother (shoot me now)...

I've also been catching up on Grey's Anatomy since I only started watching in January, so I'm getting the backstory now. Actually, they just aired the first episode I watched, so I guess I'm caught up!

I like House too, but it's on at the same time as Rockstar...and yes, I'm watching Rockstar as well.

I think I watch too much tv.