Friday, September 08, 2006

Holy wow.

People. I have seen the most incredible thing today. I watched these folks exercise and dance (click on the video clips on many of the story pages to see them in motion). And they are amazing. Stunning. Spectacular. And I was sitting thisclose to them in the performance room at Nearby U.

Holy wow.

During exercises, they hold their upper bodies perfectly still while they rotate their hips (ami)almost faster than you can watch. One of their dances has three performers imitating the movement of a boat through the water using one outstretched leg and an outstretched arm that they pulled and pushed back and was incredible.

Meanwhile, I'm still having troubles with my ami, and I'm doing it very slowly indeed. And I'm having trouble remembering to sway my hips during the kaholo if I'm also doing arm movements. But I'm loving every minute of my class. I feel good. Sore, but good.


Yankee, Transferred said...

I love that you are doing so much great stuff!

suzanh said...

That is incredible. I love to watch artists - dancers, muscians, everyone. It's mesmerizing.

Glad you're enjoying the dancing. It sounds so fun.

susan said...

I think it's way cool you're doing dancing this semester.