Monday, September 25, 2006

I'm so excited!

People: Dick Francis has a new book coming out. It's actually AT my campus bookstore, but they won't let me buy it until tomorrow.

Squee!!!! Dick Francis!!! Yay!

I thought that his last book (Shattered, published in 2000) was, you know, his last book. It's well-known among his fans that his late wife was a real partner in his writing, so I thought that her death meant no more books. I was sad, but okay with it. After all, he's written a boat-load of books and I'm happy just re-reading them.

But a new one! And not just a new one but a new Sid Halley! Halley is one of two characters that Francis has written more than one book about (this makes four Sid Halleys and two Kit Fieldings). I'm. Just. So. Excited!

Okay, back to work.


SuzanH said...

Yeah! I love when a new book come out! I haven't read Dick Francis in ages, but I may check this one out.

And we are so on for GG tomorrow night. I'll be online right after! Can't wait!

Phantom Scribbler said...

I love these labels. They are killing. me. Can I call you Ms. More Mystery Than Mommy?

Genevieve said...


I just found a new Jill Paton Walsh (a third Imogen Quy mystery). I didn't know she was writing any new ones, so I was quite excited.

Lorna said...

how's the reading???