Sunday, November 12, 2006

He's lucky he survived the weekend

Yesterday, the theme was "not listening". Six AM, I'm greeted with "can I use the scissors?" I said, "no." He got them anyway. Time Out. "NO!!!! NO TIME OUT!!!!" No McD's for a toy. On and on and on. All day.

Today started better. Good breakfast out, playing, food shopping. We ended up getting the toy this afternoon. Then, long about 7:00, a melt-down. During which, he hit me. So I said, "No hitting." So he looked at me and deliberately hit me again. So he didn't get a bath, or a story, or a snuggle. And he was going to get dinner in his room, but he threw a bigger fit and ended up not getting dinner at all.

I feel like the World's Worst Mother, because I sent my son to bed without supper. But, I really did try to give him supper. Truly. But a boy who hits his mama does NOT get to choose what he's going to have for dinner or where he's going to eat it.

Oh well, he ate a Happy Meal at 4:00 PM, he's not going to starve. So why do I feel so guilty?


SkippyMom said...

Hey not feel and SKH have this argument all the time regarding our 9 y.o. [the Porcupine] she doesn't hit or throw tantrums, but the rodent [hence her nickname] [giggle] LIES...and it drives me NUTS...and not about anything big....just stupid stuff...and I want her to go to bed with no dinner [a hug and a kiss goodnight with a tuck in, but no dinner] and he says no.

I am at a loss - When she shreds her new Levi's in school and then tells us her best friend did it...when I am friends with the bf Mom...I WILL check...what do you do?

NO child starved to death w/o one dinner. It is very hard sweetie and I know...hang in there and know some Mommies agree with you [I think you did a spendid job] - even though I can't get it done. darn

They grow out of it. But in case they don't...wanna trade? gigggle.....

Hugs for you...hang in there!

Phantom Scribbler said...

Eh, will you be my coparent for a week or two. My husband thinks the kids will MELT if disciplinary actions take place during dinner.

Don't feel too bad -- that Happy Meal had more calories in it than Baby Blue will consume in a week.

Angry Pregnant Lawyer said...

I feel your pain. AB had such a tantrum before school this morning... NSAH actually physically carried him, screaming and crying, out to the car. It was horrible. He has tantrums over the stupidest stuff these days.

It seems like every day I'm threatening to give his toys away to a kid who can behave.

Catizhere said...

There must be something in the water.... Maggie has been a holy TERROR the past 2 weeks. Deliberate, willful disobedience. DH experienced a full-blown meltdown last night because a song she was listening to was over. We had the radio on, not a CD, so we couldn't play "Tequila" for her again.....He thought I was exaggerating before, but now he knows. He asked if 3 y.o.'s get PMS.

Susan said...

I would have done the same thing. And, I would have felt the same horrible worry. We're moms, it's what we do.

Noneuclid said...

Sorry it was a tough day with Muffin Man. I heard he was all excited about going to McD's and getting a toy. Didn't know he had a meltdown that evening. Sorry for all of you--not much fun for anyone.

If it makes you feel any better, my parents never sent me to bed without dinner. And they were insane.


purple_kangaroo said...

Oooh, it must have been contagious. M&M was hitting and pushing "accidentally" a lot today!

SuzanH said...

Oh, don't feel too horrible. I know it's impossible not to feel somewhat horrible - but you did great.

Scissors at 6am? You were a saint.

susan said...

Ah yes, the tantrum over nothing in particular period. We're heavily into that around here, and it is crazy-making.

So know you have company, and you are a WONDERFUL mama having a perfectly understandable reaction to behavior that is no fun at all.

halloweenlover said...

Big hugs. Now I know who to come to for advice when baby-to-be is acting up!