Monday, November 20, 2006

In the kitchen - shop and chop

Slight pause to go to a local shindig in the morning.

Shop: Got everything we need for cooking for Thanksgiving (except the desserts and the turkey (but they're ordered and we're picking them up on Wednesday) and good bread and salad).

Chop: Celery, cauliflower, some acorn squash. Clean out the 'fridge. People, I was ruthless. I was completely without ruth. I threw away some perfectly good barbeque sauce for no better reason than IT WAS TAKING UP ROOM. It's true that I threw away far more deserving items, but this was really just an innocent by-stander. Sent to an early grave by virtue of the fact that barbeque season won't be back for seven months and I'm about to have TWO TURKEYS in my house. Condiments, this means war.

Then I had to stop and deal with the blooming AP Services people. They can't just say "we just can't find your AP scores from 20 years ago" and get away with it. I pointed out that they had cashed my check in March and charged my credit card in September and that, really, they shouldn't have done that without being able to send them, now should they? Oh, and btw, could they maybe still be with the SAT scores? 'Cause didn't you use to keep them together? Don't push me AP Services, look what I just did to the refridgerator. Don't make me come over there and clean YOUR 'fridge. 'Cause I'm just the woman to do it!

Then it was time for swimming lessons. So AP Services survived the day. We'll see about tomorrow.


Phantom Scribbler said...

Still giggling at being without ruth.

purple_kangaroo said...

I love this post. It made me laugh out loud. I'm doing some holiday-cleaning here, too . . . haven't gotten to the refrigerator yet, but when I do I'll be thinking "completely without ruth."

halloweenlover said...

This is a pregnant and nesting woman's dream. I need to take a battle ax to our fridge.

Genevieve said...

And Ruth said, "Entreat me not to leave thee . . . " but I guess you didn't listen. :)

Love that threat: "Don't make me come over there and clean out your fridge."