Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A quick pop-in between papers

Muffin Man is still alive and kicking. It's been a rough couple of days with him testing boundaries and us not really up for it. He's being a typical four-year-old, but he's so smart and has such a good grasp of complex ideas, that we forget sometimes and expect too much of him.

I'm going to slide back some on my expectations of him and try to keep it simple for the next few days. Especially since swimming lessons start up again tomorrow.

Papers due this week = 6. One's already turned in.



Genevieve said...

Sounds like a good idea!

Sometimes when I got frustrated with similar things, it helped if I said, "Why are you acting like a four-year-old? Oh yeah . . . you ARE a four-year-old."

ccw said...

It is often hard to remember their actual age when they spend so much time acting older. This happens with NSBH a lot.

That is a lot of writing. I wish you luck and hope you find some time for yourself.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you didn't throttle Muffin Man. I've been tempted with Sammy recently. On one hand, he's doing so well at school and we're so proud of him. On the other hand, he comes home and acts like a whiny baby. Arrrrgggghhhh!!
Zarquon, grant me patience.

Best of luck with all the papers. I know you'll do great.