Friday, January 05, 2007

last lines of '06

As seen at Quinn's, the last sentence of the last post of each month of 2006 (with a bit of cheating if the last sentence was too dull to put up there on it's own). Some of these make no sense out of context, I mean take a peek at July:

January: And the winner is....

February: And, like Phantom, there's at least one state out there I'm never going to visit.

March: Does anyone else have the theme song from "Little Einsteins" stuck in their heads? I'm trying to get it out by humming the theme from "Higgly Town Heroes" but it's not working.Well, that's it. See you all later!

April: And now APL and AB are off back home and MM is having quiet time.

May: It was a big hit.

June: He's starting to READ!

July: A change purse.

August: He didn't want his blanket to cover them (but we tucked him up anyway after he'd gone to sleep).

September: She was born somewhat prematurely on Wednesday and, though her prognosis is good (weighing in at 6 lb 3 oz), she's in the NICU while her lungs mature.

October: Please go take a look.

November: Also, not to forget, The Barenaked Ladies have an excellent holiday CD with an original Hanukah song on it.

December: My New Year's Resolution: To put away the laundry. (Chest of) Drawers! What are they good for? Absolutely nothing. I said drawers! Huh, good God y'all.
May you all have a happy, healthy, peaceful, and prosperous New Year.

Quick update on some of this: My little cousin is doing well and I've just realized I've still not met her. And I have a Jo(e)esque post coming up about my New Year's resolution. MM is pretty much at the same point he was in June on the reading front.

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