Monday, February 19, 2007

Is it Wednesday yet?

Took my Biology exam this morning. Feel pretty good about it. Got back to my car and was stuck in the snow. Couldn't move. Gah!

After about 45 minutes of alternately digging, putting my floormats under the wheels and trying to gently rock the car out, some very nice gentlemen came along and pushed me out.

In other news, I took MM to a birthday party yesterday afternoon where I met a cute 8-month-old who is, I'm not kidding, wearing 2T. I talked with his parents for a while and they said that they are having HUGE problems with people asking them what's wrong with their toddler? Why isn't he walking, talking, growing teeth? I couldn't help but think of Andrea and Frances. I must admit that it was entirely due to Andrea that I the first thing I said was "What a beautiful baby! How old is he?" rather than just assuming. I got my baby jones taken care of at the party, holding the 8-month-old and letting him eat my nose, and also holding a 1-month-old who slept through the whole party.

Why is it that I loved pinatas as a kid and now think, "What, are they crazy?" Pre-schoolers, bats, and a fight for candy...great combination!


Andrea said...

Awesome. You rock (on all counts).

Angry Pregnant Lawyer said...

ALB wants me to tell you, you've got that magic (baby-holding) touch.

clash said...

So do they teach evolution or ID?

halloweenlover said...

I'll have to come back for another visit and you can hang out with Gabe too!

2T? Really?

purple_kangaroo said...

Hugs, I'm glad you got your car out eventually. Good for you on the open-ended questions. :)