Thursday, May 17, 2007



susan said...

When we were reading Knuffle Bunny tonight, Curious Girl pointed to one page and said "dot dot dot! That means something's coming."

And that's what I, trained textual interpreter that I am, think the ellipsis in your post title means. See, graduate education does wonders for reading.

I like your blinds.

S. said...

See, I get to the end of a semester--scratch that, I USED to get to the end of a semester, and then I'd collapse on the couch for a week. What are you doing expending this much energy, woman?

Yer makin' me tireder.


purple_kangaroo said...

I'm trying to figure out where the "half walls" are in your photos. Is it what I would call the chair rails? (The moulding along the wall, just about the height of a chair back.)

Or am I missing actual half walls in the photos somewhere (i.e. the wall ends halfway up, leaving open space)? It's driving me crazy trying to figure it out, but maybe we just speak different languages. :)