Sunday, May 20, 2007

Thanks, guys! I'm blushing! Plus random items UPDATED

I have no idea why comments were turned off on this post. Blogger did it all by itself. They're back on now.

SuzanH asks if I saw the series ender to Gilmore Girls. I did.

I'm glad they chose to end that way 'cause it seriously left me NOT wanting more. Blah.

Also, I haven't watched since January, so what happened to Rory's dad? And to whatsherface, the hyper blond-chick Rory's roomed with?

Today was the First Day of School for Summer Session A. Physiological Psychology, a Social Work Synthesis class, and a once-weekly Computer Ethics class (Wednesdays).

So far I'm loving my new classes but GAH it's going to be a TON of work. So don't be surprised if I disappear more than usual during the next month.

I've found I actually cannot do any serious studious reading while I'm in my house. I keep piddling around on the computer reading posts or writing post or I get otherwise distracted. Not good. So I'm going to spend my afternoons reading text books at the local coffee shop that is a chain but not *$. That worked really well for last semester's finals so I'm going to keep on with it.

I hope you're all doing well and enjoying the nice weather if you're in a place with nice weather.

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Eva said...

Paris is off to medical school I think at Harvard. I thinks he totally should have chosen law school instead--much better suited for that. Anyway, she was in the next-to-last episode, as was Rory's dad. I don't really remember how things were with him but he didn't figure prominently.

Yeah, I thought the finale of GG was a little blah, too. More Luke and Lorelai!