Sunday, October 14, 2007

Lovely busy day

7:00 AM: wake up because MM is TICKLING MY FEET. We end up in a big pile o' cuddles.

Morning: kvell with our CM over the Big Can of Whup Ass our side brought to an event yesterday. WHUP ASS.

Brunch at LovelyRestaurantThatHasBuggiesHangingFromTheWalls. Mmmm.

Post brunch, more kvelling.

1:00 PM: MM and I go to YearlyPumpkinExtravaganza and I spend 3 hours watching him have an indescribably good time. He got his face painted, rode a pony, slid down enormous slides, climbed the rock wall, had a hay ride, ate popcorn and drank cider...

4:30 PM: Come home, set MM up with a movie. I make 75 phone calls. Leave 56 messages, talk to 12 people.

6:30 PM: Watch a bit of another movie with MM and wait for a friend to call to go out to dinner.

6:45 PM: Go out to dinner with DeepVoicedKindergartener and his mom. Did I tell you guys that DVK ended up coming back to PoshPlace? MM and he are so happy. YAY!

7:45 PM: Go to a party for a good friend at another good friend's house. They are in the unbloggable business too. MM and his friend LooksExactlyLikeDoraTheExplorer watched tv in the basement while the grown-ups shmoozed.

8:30 PM: MM gets a bath to wash all the sand and straw dust out of his hair. PJ's, teeth, story, etc.

And this is all after yesterday's walking and smilingsmilingsmiling for 3 hours and the WHUP ASS event.

So I'm a bit tired.

But I'm still stoked. We WHUPPED ASS!


Susan said...

Sounds like great fun. I need a nap just reading about it!

Magpie said...

Whup! Hope it's going splendidly, that ass-whupping.

hamiam said...

Are you billing for that productivity level? ;-)

Sounds great - hurrah for whup ass! And double hurrah for DVK back at PoshPlace!

Life works out - it would seem.

-R- said...

Yikes! You have a lot of stuff going on! It sounds like it is all good stuff though. Yay for whupping ass!