Thursday, October 11, 2007


I bought MM a mosaic tile kit from Target. On their website, they have one that is MUCH nicer than the one they have in-store.

The one they had in-store is sold in a bright pink box.


Why the gendering of a frelling CRAFT?

Lucky for me, MM likes pink and isn't yet at that stage where he will turn up his nose at something because of its color.



kathy a. said...

with you on the gendering of crafts. easy projects like this were a staple of my volunteer art-project days at school, cub scout activities, and home projects with the kids.

craft stores like michaels sell supplies without the pink packaging. they have a huge selection of materials, too.

my kids both fled the nest this year. we still have numerous craft accomplishments about: shells on a cardboard picture frame, with photo; picture frame made of popsicle sticks; vine wreath embellished with dried leaves; "recycling" theme pin, painted and decorated with small beads; jewelry box for mom, made of a decorated oatmeal box; christmas ornaments [pipe cleaners and plastic beads; wooden shapes painted and deocrated; wreaths; decorated felt snowmen, stuffed with cotton balls, reindeer made of clothespins, etc.]; necklaces; tissue paper flowers; etc.

you can also do mosaics with a piece of cardboard and some assorted dried beans. bits of cut bright paper on paper. sequins. pressed flowers. etc. the stuff doesn't have to come from a kit.

jenn said...

Yes, also linked to "why do they need to gender EVERYTHING?" I mean, really.

And me trying to tell grandma I'm not fussed about sleeper colours? "Well, you can put a girl in blue, but you CANNOT put a boy in pink!"