Sunday, October 21, 2007

Weekend and thanks!

Thanks for the feedback! I changed the light grey to dark that better? Should I change the purple link colors too, do you think?

Updates of an outdoor weekend:

Yesterday, the whole family spent the afternoon smilingsmilingsmiling. MM handed out stickers while we handed out balloons and information.

The other guy was just opposite us handing out cups of flavored ice that make a reference to his name, and movie theatre candies, ditto. Also his team put his stickers on kids' backs when they weren't looking and without asking parental permission. Stinkers.

Today, I rewarded MM for all his excellent smilingsmilingsmiling by going with him and his friend LovesHighSchoolMusical and her mom to a nearby CornMazeWithFunCowTrain! Moon Bounces! OMG! PONIES!* and FUNNEL CAKE!!!


*PS, I miss you.


Marni said...

The opposition is Slurpee Goober? You guys will win hands down...

Magpie said...

Slurpee Goober!!

Sounds like it's going well.

Susan said...

Seems to me like the opposition is spending lots of time replacing ideas with gimmicks. Obviously, I don't know the opposition personally, but I'm just sayin'.

Phantom Scribbler said...

Smiling. I'm still here. And you know how to reach me, nu?