Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Works so well, I should patent it

First, before anything else, go to the website again and look at some of the latest news.

Then go to L0ud0unExtra d0t c0m and look at their L1v1ng 1n L0c0 blog, there's a story there about a famous author and a reference to me!

If you ever have to put together Y(a)r(d) S(i)g(n)s, I have the perfect technique.

First, wear grippy gloves. These are great and they protect your hands from the oil, grime and pokey things on the wires.

Second, if you're me, wear eye protection. Seriously.

Unbox the signs and wires and cut any binding stuff off of them. Place the wires so that they are leaning on a side wire, with the top bars facing you (if some are facing the other way, ignore them for the present). Place the signs so that the opening on the bottom is closest to you.

Now, sit with the wires near your dominant hand and the signs near your non-dom hand. Grab the top bar of a wire and pull it out from the rest of its brethren. Then move your hand to the free side wire and push it down toward the other side wire (the one on the bottom) until you can grip them both in that one hand.

With your other hand, pop open the bottom of a sign and bring sign and wire together. Once the wire is in the sign, let go of the side wires and let them pop into place.

I did 200 of them in about an hour today.


Gary Oxford said...

Congrats on the good news. Hope y'all kick some major developer-beholden booty on Tuesday!

kathy a. said...

woo hoo, about the news!

Madeleine said...

They like him! They really like him!

And you get the "good little woman" vote in the blog comments.

Very, very cool. Congrats!

Magpie said...

Wow! Great news. Good luck anon!

Gary Oxford said...

Speaking of good news, I just saw something very promising on page A20 of the big city newspaper I read every day. Woo, and may I add, hoo!

purple_kangaroo said...

Good for you! BTW, we have fabulous news here--it's posted on my blog. :)

ccw said...

LOL over the yeard signs. Needing eye protection sounds like something I would need. I would love to have oven mitts that are full arm length.

That is wonderful news!