Tuesday, February 27, 2007


*No sleep. Write paper. Go to class. Write paper. Go to lab. Write paper. Paper done. Hand in paper. Sleep now.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

POP! PoppoppopPOPPITYpoppoppop!

This morning I dreamed I was making popcorn. I heard the popcorn popping, but I couldn't smell it and I knew something was wrong with that picture so I gradually rose to consciousness and realized...

Ice storm.

Which changed to sleet to heavy snow (over 4 inches so far) and is now back to ice or freezing rain, judging by the skitter, skitter on the roof.

So, no babysitter to sit with MM while I try to write a five-page paper due Tuesday. Gah.

And before you ask, MS has a ton of work to do too. We're taking turns today.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Wow...The Force is....hypnotic

The Scene: The big-screen tv room at Microcenter.

The characters: MM and I.

MM: Is that Darth Vader?

Me: Yes.

MM: Who's that with the hair?

Me: Princess Leia. You remember Miss Beautiful Hawaiian Teacher was her for Halloween.

MM: Oh yeah.

(stands watching)

MM: Who's the furry guy?

Me: Chewbacca.

MM: Why'd that planet blow up? Why're they all cheering? Why did the princess change her hair? Why aren't they saying anything? Why didn't the furry guy get a prize? Why didn't Darth Vader win?

Me: Do you want to see the movie from the beginning sometime? We have it at our house.

MM: No. It's not very interesting.

Me: (thinking) Well, for not being interested, you sure asked alot of questions!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Monday, February 19, 2007

I am ashamed. And horrified. And angry.

I read it yesterday and didn't speak up. And I'm ashamed of that too.

What happens to our wounded soldiers after they come home?

Is it Wednesday yet?

Took my Biology exam this morning. Feel pretty good about it. Got back to my car and was stuck in the snow. Couldn't move. Gah!

After about 45 minutes of alternately digging, putting my floormats under the wheels and trying to gently rock the car out, some very nice gentlemen came along and pushed me out.

In other news, I took MM to a birthday party yesterday afternoon where I met a cute 8-month-old who is, I'm not kidding, wearing 2T. I talked with his parents for a while and they said that they are having HUGE problems with people asking them what's wrong with their toddler? Why isn't he walking, talking, growing teeth? I couldn't help but think of Andrea and Frances. I must admit that it was entirely due to Andrea that I the first thing I said was "What a beautiful baby! How old is he?" rather than just assuming. I got my baby jones taken care of at the party, holding the 8-month-old and letting him eat my nose, and also holding a 1-month-old who slept through the whole party.

Why is it that I loved pinatas as a kid and now think, "What, are they crazy?" Pre-schoolers, bats, and a fight for candy...great combination!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Ten ways to tell if your 5 year old could use a nap

  1. He's rubbing his eyes
  2. He's playing pirates with only one eye open - the one NOT covered by the eye-patch.
  3. He's whining.
  4. He's complaining.
  5. He's snivelling.
  6. He's not in the mooooooood to play.
  7. He's wants to watch Sponge Bob, no! Tutenstein, no! Spongebob!
  8. He's growing fangs, horns, claws, and a forked tail.
  9. He throws a face-down, full-volume, red-faced, nuclear melt-down.
  10. He's not tiiiiired and he doesn't neeeeeed a naaaaaap.

Why does he save up the melt-downs for when we have a childless guest over? First one in weeks, I swear.

Thursday, February 15, 2007


Snow day yesterday, late opening today. That means I didn't have a Bio exam yesterday and my abnormal psych class this morning was cancelled. So all I had to go to school for today was an essay exam in Cognitive Psych. I think I did pretty well. And because county schools are closed today, my internship placement is also closed for the day (they link to the county schedule for ease of notification).

So I'm home early. Feeling pretty good and rested. Probably should do some chores around the house, but not at all in the mood.

I'm disappointed that we didn't have our Bio exam yesterday...'cause it means that we're taking it Monday instead, which means I won't be able to bring MM to school with me like I planned (teacher development day at Posh Place). Oh well.

Coolest term/concept from today's Cog. Psych. Exam: Agnostia.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Feel free to point at me and laugh.

So I'm watching this show and there's an 87-year-old man and he's a grandfather and a chess player and he owns a dog and spends quality time with his grandson and at the end of the show, he dies. And I'm crying my eyes out. Which is fine except it was a Discovery Health episode on old age that my fantastic Biology professor played for us yesterday.

Skitter, skitter

Little ice pellets are hitting the sky lights above me. They come in gusts and then have a steady beat for a while and then another gust. When the wind blows them hard enough, they sound louder on the windows than on the roof.

I had to stay at my Biology lab until we were all done with our activity, since part of the sheet we filled out required an average of all our scores, but I made it home before the weather got really icy in our neck of the woods. Even so, it took me over an hour and a half to get home, rather than the usual 40 minutes. Ours was the last class of the day, all later classes were cancelled.

Now I'm obsessively checking the website to see if they've cancelled tomorrow's classes. I have an exam scheduled for tomorrow, and I'm prepped for it, but if it's icy out here and they don't cancel classes, I'm going to end up with a zero on that exam. Fortunately, I can drop my lowest test score in that class, but I'm really hoping I won't have to do that.

I hope you are all safe, warm, and cozy.

Sunday, February 11, 2007


Ohmigod, I am still so in love with The Police.

Sorry so silent

It's been a busy week (14 hours at internship, not to mention classes, and a non-bloggable event yesterday, plus regular life stuff).

I'll take a picture of the lunch box the next time I pack it up, but in the meantime, here's a link to the website, and here's one to Phantom's post about LG's lunchbox.

Muffin Man and his daddy spent the afternoon doing chemistry experiments (MM got a cool lab set for his b-day), and MM learned about acids and bases, solids and liquids, what dissolves in water, and looked salt under the microscope. He was really excited and learned alot!!! His one question though is: "Is sand a solid or a liquid?" "Cause, y'know, it doesn't hold its shape like a solid, does it? And yet...it's dry. He is really a very clever little boy. He also put together a giant space puzzle all by himself (thanks for the present, Angry Boy!) and could tell his daddy and me which planet was which.

He's also an incredibly good and patient boy. We've done an enormous number of grown-up activities (meaning ones that lots of grown-ups were attending and very few kids) this weekend and he held it together very well and was just a peach.

On another front, I'm really enjoying my internship. I'm pretty sure that I won't be working in that exact field later on, but it's very interesting and the organization is doing immensely good and important work. I'm doing a big mix of things from answering phones, to interacting (under supervision) with clients, to entering data into a state-wide database, to cutting out shapes for crafts, to babysitting, to cleaning out the media cabinet.

Now I've got to hit the books...talk to you all later!!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Bringing my lunch!!!

PB & J, carrots, cheese and crackers, Kisses, and a cloth napkin. All in my new Laptop Lunchbox that my mom got for me (available near her and not near me.) Thanks mom! And thanks PS, for telling me about it!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Words of one syllable


10 letters9 letters (thanks APL!). Can you come up with one that's longer?

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Muffin Man's Party

Was at The Little Gym. Damn, people, they put on one heck of a party. They got the kids hot and tired, served up the pizza and cake (I had Vocelli deliver the pizza, we brought the cake from Wegman's), bundled up the presents for us to take out to the car and cleaned up after.

A party for 14 was MUCH easier to do than a party for 4 at home last year. Yowza. AND a romance may have started btwn two attending parents. They were quite smitten. AND it was pretty obvious to one and all that MM has an admirer. Which is fine since they got married last summer. One of MM's three brides. He's very popular because he's happy to play dress-up and be the Daddy and stay home and vacuum while his wife goes to work with her cell phone.

Seriously fun!

And MM LOOOOOVES his presents. We played with most of them this afternoon.