Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Fun Election Day Facts

I was #620 out of about 720 voters at my precinct today. MM was a great help. He was disappointed he wasn't allowed to mark the ballot, but he put it in the machine for me. They'd run out of stickers but he still thought Democracy in Action is on par with ice cream.

And I'm starting to agree with him. Look at this factolicious goodness!

Dems outvoted Reps by more than two to one! Statewide! Heck, across the whole fireplacing region!

Nearly three times the number of expected voters came out today - our precinct had to get more ballots! (They were expecting an 8% turnout and got 21.23%) Is it any surprise they ran out of stickers?

Holy shit, people! Virginia really might go blue this year!

This is amazingly exciting! WOOT!

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