Thursday, February 14, 2008

How I Spent Valentine's Day by Mystery Mommy

My Valentine's Day started 4 weeks ago when I bought a box of chocolates for the 2 fellows I live with. Lindor Milk Chocolate Balls in a heart-shaped tin with rhinestones on it. I know my audience. MS will eat more chocolates than MM, but MM will keep the tin.

I cleverly hid the box in a plastic grocery bag on a big pile of papers on my desk. Neither of the fellows I live with noticed. Sometimes being messy is an asset.

Valentine's Day continued yesterday when I realized in a panic that I had not gotten any cards for MM to hand out in school. I remedied this situation with a judicious application of Microsoft Word 2003, clip-art, and Word-Art (so that I could flip the interior text upside-down). I chose clip-art that would look good in shades of black and grey, because I will NOT sit around and wait for 33 cards to print out of an ink-jet printer and that is that.

Then, after we ate dinner, I put MM to work signing his name to all 33 cards. Next year, I will add his name to the interior message and have him write his class-mates' names instead. I had that job this year. There are 3 girls in his class with 3 different variations on a common name (imagine a Liz, a Lisa, and a Liza - but that's not their names).

This morning was red clothes and chocolate and going to school. MS came to meet me at school and sat in on RequiredClassThatHasAMisleadingName. Then we came home and I went to a meeting.

The End.

(We're eating out tomorrow. MM's school is doing Parents' Night Out)


kathy a. said...

hooray for computers that can make cards! happy-dance hooray for parents' night out!!

ccw said...

Sounds like a good V-day to me with the exception of making 33 cards.

I was happy to see that Kroger had cards or else NSBH would have gone without or taken them unsigned.