Monday, February 04, 2008

RB: Now we are six (NOW WITH PICTURES!)

  • First off, my SIL is profoundly awesome. She made a Yoda cake. The folks at the Laser Tag place said they had never seen a more fabulous cake. And they see at least three a day on the weekends.
Yoda is a cake all by himself, then there are little star cakes holding candles, then there are little action figures on a desert of raw sugar.
  • It tasted good too.
  • MM had a blast at his party (HA! A blast! Playing laser tag! I kill myself).
That's MM in the striped shirt. LovesHighSchoolMusical is next to him (with the ponytail), MomBakesBrownies is on the far left, and CanYouBelieveShe'sOnlySix is upper right.

  • My mom and stepdad were here and a lovely time was had by all from Friday onward.
  • MM was offended that he had to have his Hep A shot ON. HIS. BIRTHDAY.
  • We have leftover Yoda cake, double-chocolate cake from Friday's family celebration, and brownies that the mom of one of MM's friends made at MM's request.
  • Please come visit and bring a fork.
  • MM loves his presents. Especially the big one from us...
  • ...a used PS2!!! With....
  • He doesn't want to stop playing.
  • Used game systems are cheap! And he doesn't know the difference! And neither do we, come to that.

How was your weekend?


Madeleine said...

Ohmigod I wish I was within fork distance!

The other cheap route to decadence (though not LEGO Star Wars) is the handheld version. We got a Nintendo DS for road trips which has been a big hit.

kathy a. said...

wonderful party!

Ramblin' Red said...

Fun times had by all, it would appear!

Fairy Berry said...

I wish I had a party like that (when I was little)!

Magpie said...

Not as fun as yours!

jenn said...

Please send me cake.

I have my own fork.

And I'm sorry, but MM is not 6 years old. He is three. Or maybe 4.

I mean, REALLY, when did this happen?

Gary Oxford said...

Happy Birthday, MM! I'm off to buy a really long fork.

kathy a. said...

LOL, gary. my dad had a really long fork -- it had extensions [something like those radio antennae], so he could just pull it to its length, and reach across the table to snag something. my dad was a permanent 6-year-old in some ways.

Madeleine said...

Back to see the pictures. You aren't serious about identifying the kids in that picture are you? Is it just me, or is the funky lighting completely disorienting?

Scrivener said...

Happy belated birthday MM!