Sunday, February 10, 2008


One of the benefits of the outcome of all that smilingsmilingsmiling is that I get to go to functions (hereafter called fxns, since that is how I abbreviate it in notes). Three weeks in a row, now, I have gone to dinners honoring people who drive around in red and yellow trucks that go woo ah woo ah. These are people who volunteer to run into places most people run out of and who take other people quickquickquick to the hospital.*

They take volunteers as young as fourteen and tonight I met a man who was in his 80's and still volunteering (he trains others now).

I've never seen so many strong people in one place. And they are all, each and every one, built on a broad scale. S H O U L D E R S. These are rugby players bodies, football players bodies. Men and women both built big and strong. And the women wearing strapless or backless gowns because they know that their bodies are strong and healthy. They prove it to themselves every day. These women can pick up grown men and make it look as easy as me picking up Muffin Man.

I am more grateful than I can say for having the opportunity to go to these fxns and meet these incredible people. Incredible for what they do, and for the confidence in themselves that it gives them.

*Each st8n has their own banquet. They are all run somewhat independently of each other.


Ramblin' Red said...

Nice to see a different slice of life that is so often taken for granted, huh? that's what I like about working for the public, is the diversity of people I get to interact with!

kathy a. said...

wow. plenty to love about the st8ns that serve, but there is something extra-special about volunteers.