Saturday, February 16, 2008


I sent a link to this video to 4 professors who I have had for Biology 103 & 104 (intro); Biology 124 (anatomy and physiology) lecture and lab; and History of Psychology

All have discussed evolution and Darwin in class.

I received two responses back. One (from my bio 104 & 105 professor, whom I adore) said, "That was great, thanks for sharing!" Which made me feel good.

The other (from my anatomy and physiology lecturer) said, "I found your attachment offensive". Because he's mocking Christian (big C) beliefs. She didn't like "Defenders of Marriage" either (I didn't send it, she watched it on her own initiiative.)

I wrote back that I was sorry for having offended. I also wrote that I don't think RZ is mocking Christian beliefs; I think he's mocking intolerance, willful ignorance, and hypocrisy. Then I apologized again.

I keep forgetting that not everyone was raised listening to Tom Lehrer, nor have most people heard of Christine Lavin. Oh well.


Eva said...

Well I thought your attachment was HILARIOUS.

Sue said...

This is hilarious. The prof who was offended needs to evolve into a person with a sense of humour.

Gary Oxford said...

If fundamentalist Christians and other Biblical literalists want to try and sneak their dogma into science classes via the Large Wooden Badger of Creation Science or Intelligent Design, then they better be prepared to have their hypotheses analyzed and to have their theories challenged. I find it sad that someone who is teaching University A+P cannot recognize the difference between respecting religious beliefs and disrepectful mocking of bad science.

What I find offensive is all these people, religious and otherwise, who keep trying to tell biologists, who have spent their lives studying Life on Earth in all its varieties, what evolution can and cannot do.

(/high horse)

kathy a. said...

haven't had a chance to watch it until now, and this song is a hoot!

it is hard for me to put together a picture of a college lecturer in A&P not understanding that this song was critical of the [absent] "science" of creationism. i know lots of religious people who think the ID folks are a collection of whackadoos, on accounta creationism flunks every test of science and rationality.

liz said...

Thank you. It makes me feel so much better that you guys get it too.

Mrs.Millur said...

I've never quite worked up the nerve to send video links to my profs. Kudos to you.

And I share your "sigh".

(but then, I want both the 'darwin' fish and an 'icthus' to share space on my car- so I'm a heretic in both camps)

jenn said...

HA! I love it when students send me fun stuff.

As opposed to other times. When they send me fundy stuff.