Saturday, May 31, 2008

Thunderbolts and Lightning

I guess we're not going to the pool today.
Or the playground.
Or the zoo.
Or miniature golf.

Hmmmm...I wonder what we will do?

MM: "I know! I know!"
Me: "What?"
Me: "Oh my! I would NEVER have thought of that!"


Madeleine said...

Unless the power goes out, in which case it's playing cards by candlelight. But you won't see this comment quick enough.

Angry Pregnant Lawyer said...

We lost power for hours. My ice cream sandwich was all melty when I pulled it out of the freezer (about 1.5 hours after the power had come back on). I still ate it.

liz said...

Wow! We didn't lose power at all. I'm amazed that you lost it closer in.

Was your sandwich good even if it was all melty?

We ate miniature Dove bars here at Chez Mystere.