Monday, September 15, 2008

Reason 4

Why I'm voting and walking and calling and writing for Obama/Warner/RhymesWithSeder. Part four of a series:

Social Programs

Because we need some REAL compassion in the White House. Not just lip service. Not hand outs for friends and cronies and a punch in the nose for the rest of the country. Compassionate conservatism, my Aunt Fanny. McCain couldn't care less about what most of the country is going through. Today 12,000 people lost their jobs. This past weekend, thousands of people lost their homes. Gas prices are through the roof. Heating costs are going to be brutal this winter. It's going to be a choice between eating and staying warm for many people and there's only one candidate who cares about that.

Obama. For people in poverty, for people with disabilities, for all of us. Education. Access. Jobs. Security. Respect.

“We must build a world free of unnecessary barriers, stereotypes, and discrimination .... policies must be developed, attitudes must be shaped, and buildings and organizations must be designed to ensure that everyone has a chance to get the education they need and live independently as full citizens in their communities.” - Barack Obama.

Health Care, Energy, Tax plan, Social Programs. Four down, more to come.

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