Thursday, December 04, 2008

More links than you can shake a stick at

First, if you aren't reading Wil Wheaton's blog, you should be. Even if you're not as big a fan of Stand By Me as I am. He seems always to be first with the great YouTube clips and also writes intelligently about the process of writing.

Next up, The Yarn Harlot has a primer on how the Canadian Parliament works. Read it, especially if you're as pig ignorant about other countries' political systems as I am.

On that subject, Andrea is writing (beautifully as usual) about the Limbaughitization of the Canadian populace.

I'm getting a ton of insight into my committee work from Dave Hingsburger of Chewing the Fat.

Chris at Notes from the Trenches has a pretty amazing story to tell.

Moreena has posted some great photos

A year ago today, I posted this. Which makes me think I need to buy a buncha potatoes.

Two years ago today, I posted this. Which just goes to show you that I am an idiot because I forgot entirely about the fact that that trick worked and I have some stained clothes I could use it on!


kathy a. said...

great links! thanks.

Eva said...

Ah, Wil Wheaton. I have a whole post about him in Drafts.

Anyway I am subscribed to his blog but the feed never works, which is just as well since my crush on him is overwhelming.